What We Do

What we do

We seek to identify our clients’ needs and marry these with the energy efficiency opportunities found during a full property assessment.
Our Design Energy Engineers bring the latest technologies and products to you and guide you through selections that best optimize the end goals identified in the facility assessment.  PACE districts vary in the level of engineering study required to make the PACE application, and our experienced team will produce the ASHRAE Level I, II or III study required to advance the project.  Contained in these results will be an Executive Financial Summary (EFS) that will enable the Client the necessary tool to present the project internally.  The EFS states the SIR, ROI and LCCA most boards require to evaluate project viability.
Our experienced staff takes the recommendations from the Engineering evaluation and identifies utility rebates, state and federal incentives and any financial program that could either buy down the project or would allow the owner to take outside of closing as bottom line income.  Each PACE district has guidelines for rebates and incentives which are stated in the EFS.
ECAS works closely with PACE financing partners to assist our Clients with securing the lowest interest rates available, AND without costly points and hidden fees.  ECAS offers an open-book project solution, and negotiates with the applicable PACE administrators to secure the best deals for our clients.
ECAS can provide full construction management to mere PACE compliance oversight depending on the needs of the Client.    Contact us to request a proposal that will best suit the bandwidth of your team.